Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Experimenting or Broadening?

Last night was one of my favorite nights of the month - the night the Kansas City chapter of the PMC Guild meets. (The Precious Metal Clay Guild is a national organization for people who work in PMC). This is an eclectic group of artists who nearly all have a wide range of interests and skills who also (have, are or will) work (ed) in PMC.
Now, if you know me or you've seen my stuff, you know I do beadwork, play with wire (copper, silver and iron), create with polymer clay (check out the KCPCG), fabricate in sterling silver, do a lot of sewing and creative cooking and am a retired computer geek. And now I'm also trying resin and learning to sculpt doll heads from my friends at MCODA.

To me, this is normal. I may have ADHD and I know I'm easily distracted. And production work is NOT my thing. I'd prefer to make 100 pieces that are all different than make 3 of the same thing.... But it was brought home to me how not-normal this is to some people when one of the members said to me (at least twice) "You sure do like to experiment!" And it's true. I also like to learn new techniques. Just because I've never done something is no reason that I can't.

So, here's my latest experiment: a little creature, sculpted and clothed with polymer clay on a wire armature. I'm not sure what his name is yet, but I think he's British, somewhat Tolkien-esque. Maybe Algernon or Digby. In the photo he's holding a strand of hand-twisted yarn, but he's currently standing in my living room with a small basket waiting for spring flowers.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Teaching Classes at Vintiques

Classes have started at a new location in Kansas City - at Vintiques, the coolest (and largest collection of) ephemera in the Midwest. Sheila and Craig have a wonderful place to browse, imagine and get your creative juices flowing at Vintiques at 3rd and Grand in downtown KC, MO. Since their winter remodel, they now have a great classroom space, stocked with equipment for all kinds of art and crafting. Check out the upcoming classes at the workshop blog.

I taught my first class - a beginning wireworking class - to a couple of highly creative students who should be teaching themselves. Oh wait, they ARE going to be teaching too! (Making soldered glass window charms, I think...) What fun we had, sharing techniques, exploring ways to use treasures from our stashes and making something wonderful.

Next up from me: a Beginning Polymer Clay Caning class (Saturday, April 11) and during Faerie Weekend, we'll be learning to Make a Faerie Door (using polymer clay) Saturday, April 25. And my daughter, Laura, will be teaching a class to make your own Faerie Wings.

I'm also working on more classes - covered switch plates, more basic wire work, peyote stitch beading, and more. If they had a kitchen, we could also do some cooking classes, but that might be too much. How about Easter eggs - out of clay, of course.

Apple Core Bead Featured in Bracelet

Original Sin
One of my customers has used an apple core bead she bought from me in an bracelet for sale in her Etsy shop! Check out Freshwater Designs' Original Sin Bracelet . Her website is