Thursday, May 7, 2009

More about the Letterpress Cabinet

There are 20 drawers (sorry, my memory was bad..) and 3 are empty. View more pictures here.
Price is $1000 plus shipping - or you can come pick it up. Bring a truck - the cabinet won't fit into a car! I have tried!
The cabinet measures 25.125" wide x 20.75" deep x 44" high. I suspect that some font sets are split into two drawers, but not sure. The top of cabinet overhangs slightly, measuring 26.5" wide x 21.5" deep, not quite 1" thick.Weight of the 20 drawers with type (sans outer cabinet) is 188.9 lbs. An empty drawer weights 1.5 lbs. so the type itself weighs 159 lbs. I'm estimating the empty cabinet weighs 45-50 lbs but have no way to weigh it.

There are 3 sizes of
Greeting Monotone™ Std Regular view font here

and several sizes of a Times Roman style including an italic, 2 sizes of what looks like Copperplate or Plate Gothic, a Bank Gothic Medium,
a nice script similar to this, a wide Gothic with really round C's, an engraved font similar to Bernard Modern, and a very tall, Blackletter-like title font that I cannot find in a font list. See below. Click any photo for a larger view or the view more pictures link above to see more.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hamilton 24 drawer cabinet with 18 drawers of type

Anyone want a lovely oak Hamilton letterpress typeface cabinet, with type? I bought this hoping to use the letters to impress into clay for jewelry - works fine, but too tedious and slow to be something that actually works. Still haven't lived down my husband's dismay, and would like to sell it. Warning: the lead type is HEAVY. Would sell type separately. Hope to post fonts - there are a wide variety of sizes, including some great old-school stuff and some teeny tiny 6pt newspaper types.

Please contact me at bylynette if you are interested.