Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sweetie Belle

Okay, I admit it. I am ADDED (Attention Deficit Disorder Extra Distractible).....but my latest favorite thing to create is widely known as Statement Jewelry.

After making Rachel's wedding necklace (see previous post) I tried again, using reclaimed vintage brooches, earrings, beads and pearls. Nothing in this is innately valuable - the white daisies are some type of hard plastic, the petals of the large blue brooch are also plastic.
  • Blue plastic and metal brooch
  • Gold and pastel brooch
  • Brass flower with blue rhinestones
  • Enameled 3-flower earring
  • Section of white daisy bracelet links
  • Metal earring with large Aurora rhinestones
  • Yellow and blue faux pearls
  • Blue glass oval beads
  • White and Pink glass beads (various shapes)
  • Antique Faceted glass Mardi Gras beads
  • Large blue Rhinestone set dangle
  • Bezeled glass chain

The large center brooch is brass or gold-colored metal with enameling, aurora rhinestones and glass pear and navette cabs.  All the beads and faux pearls came from reclaimed jewelry. I replaced corroded wires and used new shiny brass headpins for all the dangles.The clasp is custom made by me....but the back dangle is from a real Mardi Gras necklace from back in the day when they actually threw real jewelry from the floats.

I love re-using these pieces. It looks great on and the individual pieces would just be sitting in an old box somewhere, unused...

Now, what to do with it? I never wear these colors! So maybe it will go into Eclectics Gallery or to my Etsy store....but first pricing, the most difficult thing for me.

OK - It's on display and for sale at Eclectics Gallery in Kansas City. But if you want to purchase it, contact me through my Etsy shop at Price is $240.