Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In metalsmithing, you join metals with hot joins (solder) or cold (rivets and other fun stuff) joins. But I have also recently experienced several WARM joins....and feel like I'm getting more connected with the Kansas City area. The people at these places made me feel not only welcome, but at home. By the way, my jewelry is available for purchase at all of them.

Gardenology, a very cool shop in Lenexa, Kansas tool some of my apple core and wire/bead earrings as well as a display of beaded bracelets to sell. They were appreciative of my jewelry and made me feel great. Check out their online shop too.

Images Art Gallery in the Kansas City Crossroads District has accepted me as one of their 3-D artists. Most of the gallery is filled with 2-D art (paintings, seriographs, fiber art, etc.) but now I'm there too, along with some other gifted artists.

Arts on Grand in Spencer, Iowa is considering my beaded bracelets - but I must pass their jury process first. Since my sister, Kristin, who lives in Spencer and pushed me into applying there, I'm hopeful that they will want to have me.

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