Thursday, March 26, 2009

Polymer Clay Easter Eggs

Here's a quick tutorial on prepping egg shells for decorating for Easter egg trees - or any time trees!
1. Buy eggs- be sure they don't show hairline cracks. You'll need a small bowl, wooden spoon or kitchen mallet, a couple small needle tools and some water. I use a wire turkey lacing skewer and an aluminum potato baking skewer, but I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets and have this stuff! A skinny wooden skewer would work fine.

2. Sit egg upright in egg cup or carton, small end up. Using the smaller sharp tool and wooden spoon or kitchen mallet tap the sharp tool into the small end of the egg, leaving a very small hole - 1-2mm.

3. Reverse egg position and make a 2nd hold on the bottom with the small tool. Repeat tap with the larger skewer to make this hole slightly bigger, up to 1/4" - but be careful not to crack the egg. Alternative: twist the point of a paring knife in the hole gradually enlarging it a bit.

4. Insert the smaller skewer completely thru the egg a couple times to break the yolk.
5. Holding egg over a small bowl, carefully BLOW into the small hole forcing the egg out the larger hole on the bottom. (Eggs will be scrambled, but good to use. Put into covered container and save for breakfast.)
6. Rinse bowl and fill with warm water. Hold egg, large hole down, into water and SUCK (not TOO much - raw eggs are not healthy) drawing some water into the egg. Shake a bit, and BLOW again, releasing water. Repeat, changing to fresh water as needed, until clear water blows out. It only takes 2-3 times.
7. Allow egg shells to dry completely. 10 minutes in a very low oven (200ยบ) works great.
8. Grab that empty egg carton to carry your eggs to my class or your studio. The eggs are ready to cover or paint.

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