Monday, March 9, 2009


Jewelry should be affordable, fun and made from anything. Re-cyled, re-purposed or re-used, unconventional and easy to wear daily. This blog will be about my art, my inspirations and who knows what else.

When my husband retired 2 years ago I became upemployed, and I love it! Who really needs to do network management when you can hammer wire all day? My jewelry studio moved from a small, dark bedroom to a roomy daylight basement and I can finally get at all my tools at once.
Now I am making jewelry (nearly) every day, experimenting with new techniques and beginning to use use huge bead, wire and found objects stash accumulated over the last 45 years - yes I really do have jewelry I got when I was ten! Working in beads, wire, silver, copper and steel, polymer clay, and PMC. Next on my list: resin. Someday I would like to try lampworking and stained glass.

Non-jewelry hobbies include sewing, theater costume building, gourmet cooking, travel and feeding the birds in my backyard. And I am still doing computers....helping other artists get their websites started.

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