Thursday, March 5, 2009


The March/April issue of Step by Step Beads (published by Interweave Press) has arrived, along with my first published beadwork pattern. I usually don't get too excited, but I have to admit, this feels really cool, especially since they used my bracelet project on the cover.

This gives a serious boost to the confidence and makes me want to do more. NOTE: If you can't find this in stores, you can purchase it online.

Are you also a beader, jewelry artist or other creative type? Look for opportunities to show your stuff. Seriously, you might have come up with something other people would love to see or try. Step by Step Beads has two things going right now - the 2009 Bead Arts Award has a categories for clay, glass and mixed media beads, plus jewelry and beaded objects. Deadline is May 1. They also have a Colorworks challenge - to make jewelry using the orange-purple-green tertiary triad.

Look for calls for submissions on the websites of your favorite art and craft publications.

Check the links, read the rules, take some pictures, and send your creation to someone! The worst that can happen? They say "no thanks"....but they might want you! Go for it!

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Kristin Summerlin said...

Congratulations! Your work is lovely and looks great on the cover!