Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Stars Stuffed in Jars

I recently met an artist who used "starsstuffedinjars" as her email address - I love the imagery of that! Last night was a perfect example of stars everyone that phrase brings to my brain. This summer Missouri has been humid, warm and RAINY. But finally last night the sky was once again clear, filled with stars.

Standing on my deck late in the evening, the sky about the woods behind my house was filled with stars, the trees, flowers and grass were filled with fireflies! It was magical. A few crickets made the silence friendly and it was cool enough to sit and let the twinkling fill my senses.

I TRIED to take a picture, but even my cool new camera couldn't grab the fireflies lovely lights. (Could this be because fireflies are really faeries, who won't be photographed?) More likely that their tiny lights were way too far away from me standing on the deck. But it was a great way to end my busy day.

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