Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Love Snow

I know, it's cold, it's messy and slippery driving in it but snow makes the world so beautiful and white and pristine. It was just lovely watching (from INSIDE my cozy home) as the yard filled up at the rate of an inch an hour last night.
Digging out is not so much fun, especially for retired folks with bad backs or other wussiness an infirmity? But small towns in Missouri (like Pleasant Hill, where we live) are also home to outdoorsy types with big boy toys - like four wheeler, offroad-type toys. Who knew they could be equipped with snow scrapers on the front?
Our neighbor's nephew generously cleared our driveway after doing Joe's driveway. Although it is cold, it did look like fun - and he not only pushed snow from the drive into the street, he also cleared the curb so the US Mail could get to the mailboxes. He wouldn't take payment and didn't give me his name.....

...but when he left, he was headed down the street toward the dead end, where another neighbor was struggling with a snow blower. Thank you, Joe's nephew!

This photo is for my granddaughters - their stuffed penquin looks right at home in the snow.
But Frank (the penguin) didn't sit there long, not even wearing his custom-knitted muffler from Aunt Laura.

Happy Snow Day from the Fisks in Missouri.

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