Friday, February 25, 2011

More Groovy Garlands

Actually, these are more romantic than groovy....

What can you do with stained glass scraps, a few beads, leftover wired satin ribbon and scraps from a failed sewing project? Ta da!! This yummy combination of olive greens and caramel browns. And yes, you must remove (tediously) the wire from the satin ribbons or it won't hang right!
This would look great hanging in a gloomy office cubical! Measures 42" from hanging points.
Do they permit that sort of thing??? Then there's this dramatic silver silk and burgundy swag with the coolest mirror glass . . .
I finally found a place to use some faceted garnets along with some burgundy beads actually taken from real, vintage Mardi Gras beads, from back when they really threw out glass beads instead of the pressed plastic they use now.
This one is 37", not counting the end fringe.

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