Monday, March 7, 2011

Statement Jewelry - 2nd verse

This lapis collar has been bumping around in my head for two years, ever since I bought strands of luscious, large round, oval and rectagular lapis (or something that LOOKS like lapis) beads at the local gem show.
Building the collar was an organic thing, gradually adding pieces and trying to keep the shape working (and hanging) properly. Also included are some sparkling faceted Chinese crystals, a lovely vintage filigree floral pin

and an costume jewelry earring that was my mother-in-law's.
 Bits of chain, jump rings, gold-toned beads and a spool of vintage 70s brass wire were all that was needed. I used the wire to make a wrapped hook for the back and did put a few beads onto a 2" dangle to weight the back and keep it centered. I'm wearing this, at least this week on our trip to Chicago - but will make another. This one was a learning experience and I've got ideas for changing my connection techniques....

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