Monday, September 5, 2011

Blue Moon

This new piece is going into the Arts on Grand gallery in Spencer, Iowa.....

It's fun to repurpose old costume jewelry - but I do get distracted by the tiniest of details. You would not believe the time spent in August just on rhinestones: researching the best prices for replacement stones, measuring, comparing colors with online photos, ordering and waiting, being disappointed in the quality from one vendor, ordering again....then popping off old or loose stones, cleaning and removing old glue, resetting or gluing in replacement stones! (I use 2-part epoxy - those puppies will not fall out!).
But IMHO (in my humble opinion...) you can't have too much bling on this type of piece.
This piece includes:
  • large blue rhinestone brooch
  • small blue and pearl brooch
  • large pot metal shoe clip - all stones gone
  • rhinestone circle earring with blue rivoli added
  • moonstone sterling earring drop
  • rhinestone ball bead
  • silver metal stamped earring
  • length of vintage silver metal, pearl and AB rhinestone bracelet
  • pieces of beaded chain in silver with pearls and blue links
  • vintage 2-hole rhinestone spacer bar
  • 3mm blue Swarovski bicone crystals
  • large blue Czech glass bead
  • vintage pearls, crystal, and glass beads
  • fine silver balled headpins
  • silver jump rings
  • silver craft wire
  • vintage clasp
  • pieces of rhinestone chain
  • rhinestone earring (faux Diana style)
  • blue, cream an crystal drops
I am getting the hang of the asymmetrical  design - the trick is to design on a dress form, not on a flat bench. Time is lost crawling around on the floor searching for dropped jump rings or beads, but it's the best way to create something that hangs properly on the neck.

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