Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bluebirds 2012

Bluebirds finally nested in our yard this year! Hurrah! They have been such fun to watch.

Last week, the first babies fledged and it has seemed quiet without them. Mr. Bluebird has been ever watchful, using the feeder hooks to perch with a good "lookout's" view of the yard. In the mornings, he would latch onto the screen on our dining room windows, looking in at us and out over the birdhouse.

When the babies started sticking their heads out the door, we knew they were about ready to fly away....

...even so, when the babies fledged and everyone left, we missed them.

Two days go, we noticed the randy local sparrows visiting the bluebird I "locked the door" with a small strip of duct tape to keep them from squatting since we were hopeful Mr and Mrs Bluebird would return.

This morning, while drinking my coffee, I heard a small "thup" and there was Mr. B, attached to our window screen. I ran down to remove the tape from the birdhouse door! I could just hear him - "Why was our house closed? We've only been gone a week..."

So far, we've seen Mr. B and a juvenile. Hopefully Mrs. B will soon be back to re-feather the nest for the next brood.

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