Friday, July 13, 2012

Dress Forms for Statement or Display

The gallery (Eclectics, in Kansas City, MO) where I'm a member needed a dress form for displaying jewelry, etc. but we didn't want to spend the big bucks required to buy a vintage seamstress body. Then I found a pattern for making one on Etsy! Thanks to Jackie at 4myfavoritethings shop on Etsy for their great pattern.

My first one was made from burlap, for displaying gallery items. I've been branching out since then.
Upholstery fabrics work well, but so does any fabric when lined with something sturdy such as canvas.
Found a big piece of black lace left over from some past project - it's very dramatic.
This denim one was made from a worn out pair of Dale's jeans. The waistband became the bottom trim and a couple pockets (front and back) add interest.
 I even saved the tiny red Levi's tag and added it into a seam on the front, along with a little lace trim.
I have ideas for a steampunk one, and someone wants one to match her black, green, white and red dining room decor! Think I'll list a couple on Etsy and see if anyone wants one ready-made.

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