Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Motivated to buy

The recent Brookside Art Annual (in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City, MO) is always a great place to find art to fill your eyes, to inspire you and to purchase - which of course is the whole point for those hard-working artists.

This year I found a potter whose work I just love - rare for someone who lived through the 70s. Much of the pottery I see at art fairs is fabulous - but meant to be displayed as sculpture or fabulously expensive or both. Functional pieces are either not my colors or are sometimes remind me of (eek) 40 years ago. Which means my daughter loves it and it just looks the same to me.

However, Thomas Feyrer (of Lizard Tongue Clayworks in Watertown, Wisconsin) caught my attention. Check out his style on his website. He only sells at shows and from his studio, so if you see him, grab something!

I decided my table really needs a gravy boat with the ostrich skin look (top photo) and the bowl with the oval spots is great both for oatmeal and lattes.

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