Thursday, April 15, 2010


Saw my first Eastern Bluebird today - a pair, on my upper deck! The female was sitting in a planter, mouth open like she was hot and tired. The male hopped around the deck, onto the glass-top table. And they chatted....I heard them.

I know anthropomorphizing animal behavior is just silly, but it look just like they had been flying long and hard, and were hot and tired. So they stopped on a shady, protected deck to rest and scout out the housing in the area. (We have a bluebird house cleaned and ready in the yard.) They discussed things back and forth, and the female complained she was SO TIRED she just couldn't look more today.

I quietly went downstairs and put fresh water into the birdbath and set out some dried mealworms - just in case. Later, I tried to set out a dish of water onto the deck for them, but they flew off when I stepped out. But she was back a couple hours later....sitting on the finch feeder hook, surveying the yard. Welcome, welcome, blue birds. We hope you choose to nest in our yard again this year.

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Doreen said...

I've never seen an Eastern Bluebird. What a beautiful bird! I love nature. If you are interested, there is a web cam of a bluebird's nest. It's getting dark now, so it's more difficult to see her.