Friday, July 29, 2011

Bead Stash Blues

In response to a post on Beading Daily which asked readers how they store their personal bead stashes....I took another look at my studio. Messy, again. But still my "happy place"....when I am home long enough to be in there.

Beading Daily was asking about stash storage - which would take me all day to share, and is likely similar to many others who have bead additions. But since I frequently take my beadwork on the road when we travel I thought I'd post how I manage to include quite a few of my beloved seed beads.
I prefer my seed beads in clear tubes for easy viewing. (Somehow, it looks like more beads, although a 2" filled ziplock baggie actually holds about the same amount.) I have a great wooden box that is about 4 inches deep, measuring roughly 10" x 12", which is divided into 9 spaces. Each space will hold nearly two dozen upright bead tubes, sorted by color group, with room for a scissors, wire snipper, needle box and thread. This box sits on the floor between my feet, where I can get at them when we drive all day. (My hubbie loves road trips....not a flier....and he's retired. This is my sanity.)

When packing for a trip, I get inspired and see many potential bead combinations that I might need so now I just take lots. By no means is this all of my seed beads, but they can't all come....I'm seriously in love with seed beads, but not completely bonkers.

Of course, along in the back seat is a tool bag with my favorite pliers, a few findings, crimps and spools of wire....just in case.

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