Friday, October 28, 2011

Danielle's Green Dream

So, about a year ago, Danielle (from Minneapolis, college classmate and friend of daughter Laura's) found two fused glass pieces she loved. "Make me a necklace..." she said. Now, Danielle is one of those women who are unselfconsciously stunning. She's the young wife and mother of 3 with a speaking career and the style of a super model.
Her taste in jewelry tends to the big and bold and fabulous. Huge rings. Bold bracelets. Boots. Scarves. Headbands. Birds in her hair (seriously, at a wedding!) And it wasn't a live bird.....
She has the knack of wearing the unusual or something that would look awkward or even ridiculous on most of us and making it look good. (never mind that she is half my age....and probably half my weight....I'm still slightly envious.)
So this gives my quite a lot of room to make something with her glass pieces that not everyone would wear. I finished one last night and am actually wearing it today before I mail it to her. (Got to make sure it doesn't scratch, that it sits on the neck correctly, right?)
Here's the piece of glass - a twisted green and silver dichroic fused glass figure 8. The necklace uses these colors plus black with silver wire and findings. Some beads are plastic, some glass.
Combining disparate pieces is possible in a piece like this, which includes a piece of a broken vintage rhinestone bracelet, a cracked-marble, plastic beads, green and crystal vintage Mardi Gras beads from back when they actually threw out real beads instead of the mass-produced plastics of today.

There are also some funky glass beads, a large faceted quartz bead, a silver earring, a piece of rhinestone chain and part of a restrung 60s era multi-strand costume jewelry necklace.
The base chain was once a biker chain to attach to a wallet, so the clasp is correspondingly large.
So Danielle, it might take another year to make something with the other piece since I really need to spend my studio time on items to sell......but I hope you like your creation.

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