Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October Tomatoes

Yesterday, Oct 25th, was 85º in Pleasant Hill, Mo. Way to hot for October, but I'm still picking tomatoes. We've had an outstanding crop, especially of cherry and small pear tomatoes. The best plant came up volunteer from seeds dropped last summer by the tomatoes I missed!
I've picked and roasted (cut in half, tossed with olive oil, garlic and salt) a few thousand of these sweet babies this fall. Roast for several hours at 220º until nearly dry but not burned.
They look like this when picked....earlier I only needed to pick red ripe ones. Lately I've been picking green ones too, since we've had a couple light frosts. After sitting for a few days in the house, they all turn red.

After roasting, I pack them in more oil, waterbath process and put away for Christmas gifts. The roasted tomatoes are so sweet, tangy and delicious. Great on pizza or tossed with pasta!! A half pint jar holds about 1/2 cookie sheet full.
Picked this batch yesterday - could be the last ones. Now we'll see how many of these ripen - some are really green.

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